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Horizon Coils — Free Shipping
This is the place where you can buy Horizon coils online for the best price — all while enjoying free shipping on every order, regardless of size.

From the classic Horizon Arctic tank to the award-winning Horizon Falcon, Horizon Tech is a company that’s been at the forefront of vaping technology for many years. Why are Horizon coils getting so much attention? For one, do you know of any other company experimenting with materials like wood pulp and flax fiber to increase the durability of their coils? Horizon simply innovates in ways that other companies don’t.

So, how can you tell that it’s time to replace your Horizon coil? Most of the time, the flavor quality will be your guide. If you vape heavily sweetened e-liquids, you’ll start to taste the flavor of burned sugar while you vape. That’s when you know it’s about time to come back here and buy some more Horizon coils!

Replacing a Horizon vaping coil is always an easy procedure; simply remove the tank’s bottom metal hardware, twist the old coil out and twist in the new one. You’ll be back to vaping in minutes, and you’ll always vape without worry because we guarantee every vape coil purchased from Vapors Planet is 100 percent authentic.