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Vaporesso Coils — Free Shipping
Do you remember the Vaporesso Target? The legendary pistol-grip mod made serious waves when it was released a few years ago. For some vaping manufacturers, the Target became just another design to clone. For others, though, the Target was a wake-up call. Is it really necessary for every advanced vaping mod to look like a generic black or silver box? No way! Vaporesso opened the vaping industry up to more creative and colorful designs.

Vaporesso has also influenced the vaping industry with its user-friendly designs that made other manufacturers rethink what they could do to provide truly great vaping experiences to their customers. Take the Vaporesso NRG tank, for example; its mouthpiece has a built-in screen that prevents spitback from entering your mouth. It also has an insulating ring that keeps the tank’s heat from reaching the battery. Little things like those add up to a great vaping experience, and Vaporesso has made its competitors begin thinking about the little things as well.

Whether you’re looking for NRG GT coils or other Vaporesso coils, you’ll find them on this page. At Vapors Planet, every retail order receives free first class shipping regardless of size. Our coils are guaranteed authentic, and they’re delivered fresh from the factory to your door!