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Wismec Coils — Free Shipping
If you’re not familiar with Wismec yet, there’s a good reason for that. During the formative years of the vaping industry, Wismec made a name for itself by designing and building vaping devices that other companies put their logos on and sold. If you’ve been vaping for a while, it’s likely that you’ve owned at least one Wismec device — even if it had another company’s logo on it.

Wismec’s obscurity disappeared forever with the release of the Wismec Reuleaux. The first mainstream triple-battery vaping device, the Reuleaux made all-day vaping possible even at power settings over 100 watts. The Reuleaux series was an instant hit and remains in production today — and if you’re a Wismec fan, you’re going to need some Wismec coils.

If you want proof of Wismec’s technical excellence, look no further than Wismec Motiv pods. The pod provides enough smooth, pure vapor to last all day, and the device is as beautiful and glossy as a river-polished pebble.

We’re proud to offer guaranteed authentic Wismec coils online at the lowest price, and we never charge shipping fees for any order regardless of size. Cheap, authentic coils delivered direct to us from the factory and shipped to your door — that’s what you’ll get when you shop at Vapors Planet.